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    The Apollo Profile Online Personality Assessment is used by organisations worldwide in recruitment & selection, organisational development, team-building, employee development and for personal career planning.

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    We offer various training mediums, including face-to-face in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia & China, along with online interactive courses and live online training.

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    You can use Apollo immediately with our support or with our convenient online training. You can test candidates via the internet and produce multiple reports instantly for just one fee! Apollo has so many uses from recruitment/selection to OD, team-building and more!

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Recruitment & Selection


Apollo Personality Profile compares your candidates to a database of more than 80,000 and shows how they compare with those rated as excellent in various occupations.

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Employee Development /OD


Apollo offers easy to understand narrative reports which contain developmental advice for employees of all levels. Use with unique Apollo Benchmarking studies for full organisational development.

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Career Development


Apollo's specially developed personal and development reports are great for assisting in personal exploration and career development. Compare your profile with excellence!

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Welcome to PsychometricTest.NET - Home of Apollo in Asia

Highly reliable and valid online psychometric personality test with multiple uses in human resources

The Apollo Profile is a personality test that has been designed to be a multi-purpose instrument measuring personality, work preferences, motivations, and values. It is intended as a career assessment instrument, and for use in recruitment and selection, and the development of individuals and organisations.

Building on established psychological theories and a model of excellence put forward in the Karpin report “Enterprising Nation”, the Apollo Profile is a comprehensive psychometric test. Designed from the outset to be used internationally, the profile is different to other personality assessments in that it compares test-takers to a model of excellence rather than to the average person. Apollo is available in English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean and Thai and has been validated in all of these languages and locales.

The Apollo Profile provides a personalised report that can give individuals, consultants and decision-makers insight into thirty-four factors that have been found to contribute to career success. Multiple psychological models and theories are incorporated into the test. In particular, The Apollo Profile provides diagnostic and descriptive comments regarding possible training needs and ways to enhance work and career performance.

Apollo is an online tool, so we work with clients all over the world from our offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Pakistan.


Advantages of Apollo Online Personality Test

The many advantages of choosing the Apollo Profile for hiring, development, team-building, coaching and more!

Psychologists at the helm
Many test providers in Asia are not psychologists so lack sound understanding in psychometric tests and the metrics behind them. In addition, they are not accountable to anybody for competence. We are organisational psychologists and members of professional and regulatory bodies in Asia, UK, USA and Australia.

The Apollo Profile is like a mini test battery that enables more information on specific attributes. Most other instruments measure far fewer attributes, with many common ones only having five or eight factors.

Separate reports are available comparing against Executives, Sales Employees, Middle Management, Supervisors, Customer Service Staff, Support Staff and Call Centre Staff.

The Apollo Profile is based on today's workplace and reflects modern organisational life.

Written in easy to understand non-psycho babble terms. Use of colour also aids quick benchmarking and relativities.

Research and testing has been carried out in the design and construction of the Apollo Profile by psychologist Professor Richard Hicks; users can be confident of the methodology and data supplied, subject to the normal limitations applicable to the use of any instrument of this nature.

Speed and Convenience
Instant on-line processing of the questionnaire via the Internet gives you instant reports at your own location.

Control and Security
No other parties can access your confidential reports.

Online and offline administration
Apollo can be administered online or using traditional paper-and-pencil methodology.

Facility to benchmark your own staff
As a consultancy service, we can assist you in benchmarking your own staff and therein produce your organisation’s own model of excellence for future candidate comparisons.

Best Match™
Produces limited reports initially whilst a quick click will home in on a candidate of interest and provide a more detailed report for an additional credit. This means you save by only paying for detailed reports on those candidates of greatest interest. Note: Best Match™ fees are set for mass screening.

Competitively priced just for Asia!
We offer special pricing for our Asia market. Fees listed are for clients based in Asia only. Australia market pricing is charged for clients outside of Asia.

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If you are a service provider in Human Resources, Management Consulting or Organisational Psychology and would like to add the Apollo Profile Psychometric Assessment to your service offerings, then join our Partner and Affiliate programs. Please contact us.

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